Together in Paris, chapter 35 is on FF and the Blog

Tonights disclaimer and pictures of the train station

Chapter 35 Together in Paris


Sorry I never had time for a proper disclaimer when I started this last night.  We’ll go with something interesting I suppose.  I of course have no ownership in TBBT and no wish to or desire to cause them pain, injury, booboos, rug burns, laceration, carpal tunnel, or hurt feelings in any way.  Should anything I write cause the above effects I disavow all knowledge of this disclaimer or any other I have written and will blame it on Chuck my alternate personality, and Fred could have got involved also.  Yes you Fred, put the knife down Fred.  Thank you. 

Gare de Lyon platform TGV

Gare de Lyon Station Paris

One thought on “Together in Paris, chapter 35 is on FF and the Blog

  1. Hi just thought I would post that I’ve been following your story and it’s pretty good. I saw your invitation to your website and thought that I would check it out. Nice!
    Thanks, again for writing and sharing.

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