The Technology of 2024/2025 in Elliptical Threads:

I’ve put several cool pieces new technological advance in the piece.  Thought I’d talk a little about them.

TISHH Transparent Interactive Synthetic Human Home

Wouldn’t having Tish be cool.  All the sensor, controls that Tish would have are already out there in 2012.  It’s the software and Artificial intelligence that is lacking.  With the current state of voice recognition even with Siri you’d burn the house down before you could turn the heat down.  Tish can do things like answer the phone and the door for you.  She could screen your calls and visitors.  A pipe breaks in the winter and Tish turns the water off.  Tish is the beginning of the house Avatar.  Tish would have a personality that grows with you and your home.  As it is Tish is a great writing device that can be used instead of the character to do things.  She can also give me the choice of doing a scene where you see what’s going on from the house’s point of view.  If these walls could talk, with Tish they can. Tish goes beyond this as the central data storage for your house. She houses all your media or can go get any media you would ever ask for.  She’ll interface to your car downloading that media to it.  She can keep inventories of food stocks and order your groceries.  Tell you the milks about to go bad, etc.

Autodrive Feature

I really want this feature.  Get in the car tell it where to go then sit back with a good book and read until you arrive.  You could watch a movie, do your emails, tweet whatever.  It solves that whole drunk driving issue rather nicely.  On the freeways you could have long distance lanes, yours and other autodrive cars traveling at high rates of speed.  Pulling their power off the road they could arrange your car and others into ad hoc trains.  All the cars in the piece are assumed to be totally electric.  I want this now.

Digital White Boards

We already have them, they’re just rather cumbersome to use.  I have two white boards in my office now.  Wouldn’t be nice to just have ones that store it, erase it, then bring it back as needed?

Beds on Airlines

This is being done right now by British Airways and others flying the Pacific routes,  if you can afford it that is.

There’s more coming but I’d spoil it so we’ll add it later


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