Chpater 25 is posted here and on FF

Chapter 25 disclaimer, see prior post for more info

I have just received a cease and desist order from the American Disclaimers Association for making fun of the obnoxiously obvious disclaimers that come with your everyday items that some brain surgeon in Accounting and Legal in his wisdom thinks by including it will indemnify them from making a poorly designed piece of crap that has removed your pinky toe. Hopefully my neighbor owns just such a device that he will try to use on Saturday so I can sleep in until 6:30 on Sunday. Really? This disclaimer should say something like: Though we find the characters of TBBT to resonate with us your fans. We also know it’s impossible to develop the full emotional, intellectual and range of these characters in 24 to 25 twenty minutes episodes per season shared between 7 characters. Therefore we endeavor to do that for you, making people happy, sad, laugh, cry, and angry about that development. Should we wish to actually profit from them we would change their names. This would be the adventures of Floyd and Edna rather that Leonard and Penny. More than Nuf said.

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