Chapter 24 Heart StringTheory is published here and on FF

todays disclaimer for chapter 24

To enable me to write a much better and more reasonable disclaimer for each chapter I’ve got the new Big Book of Disclaimers 2 it’s available at The NobleAmazon bookstore owned by a remarkably tall and very muscular woman.  Let’s see here, disclaimers for hitting you neighbor with his leaf blower, erectile dysfunction therapy, what the hell is anal leakage.  Declaimers for game shows, movies, shorts, cartoons, here we go sitcoms about geniuses and waitresses wanting to be actresses.  This one looks better, using this toothpaste as a lubricant may result in foaming in unwanted places.  Let’s go with that one.  (Please note I did not say what was being lubricated, anywhere you go with this is up to you.)  There I even disclaimed the disclaimer.  My work is now complete

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